About Us

In September 2011, we left our international practices at a Chicago-based Am Law 200 Law firm to form Oberdier Ressmeyer LLP.  Our new firm offers the resources, talent and skill of a large law firm—with the speed and efficiency of a smaller office.  The result is a focused, efficient legal strategy that enables us to respond quickly—and successfully—to our clients’ legal and business issues.  The firm’s representations include:

Domestic Clients

  • New York real estate developer claiming in excess of $450 million against the State of New York and City University of New York for breach of contract and temporary taking;
  • New York real estate developer claiming in excess of $50 million against Florida property developer for breach of contract;
  • New York hedge fund in breach of contract action;
  • Historical-thriller novelist asserting civil rights and employment discrimination claims against the City University of New York and its principals;
  • Trustee for four Debtors in bankruptcy; and
  • Chicago real estate developer in several creditors’ rights actions.

Foreign Clients

  • Foreign state-owned private equity fund in securities class action;
  • Foreign asset management companies in breach of contract and federal tort suit;
  • Foreign asset management company in an UNCITRAL arbitration pending in the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre;
  • Foreign state-owned manufacturer in an arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce;
  • European and Middle Eastern jewelers in mult-imillion dollar counterfeiting suit;
  • Chinese manufacturer of braised-aluminum heat-exchangers sued for misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • Chinese iron and steel company with a claim as a creditor in a liquidation pending in the British Virgin Islands;
  • Foreign defense contractor in consideration of bid to acquire a multinational defense contractor;
  • Foreign manufacturer of military and civil aircraft engines with various disputes arising out of its contracts with other aircraft manufacturers and suppliers; and
  • European client selling a New York residential apartment building.